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Daoud J.

Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden

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Abstract : We study the conformation of randomly branched, monodispersed polymers both in dilute and concentrated solutions in their reaction bath. We first extend the Zimm-Stockmayer mean field theory to such properties as elasticity and concentration correlations. We have a dedicated site for Germany. While books have been written on many topics of Polymer Science, no compre hensive treatise on long chain branching has ever been composed.

Branched Polymers

This series of reviews in Volume and of Advances in Polymer Science tries to fill this gap by highlighting active areas of research on branched polymers. Long chain branching is a phenomenon observed in synthetic polymers and in some natural polysaccharides. It has long been recognized as a major mole cular parameter of macromolecules.

Its presence was first surmised by H.

4 classification based on structure of polymers

Stau dinger and G. Schuh Ber. Interestingly, their method of iden tification by means of the abnormal relation between intrinsic viscosity and molecular weight has survived to this day. Furthermore, every possible branching point in a dendrimer is populated.

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  • They are, however, difficult to synthesize and thus not suitable for large-scale applications. Hyperbranched polymers, typically made in a one-pot process, are more attractive for such applications, but their structure is more difficult to control. Mitsuru Ueda and co-workers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan 1 have now reported a polymerization reaction in which the degree of branching in the formation of a hyperbranched polymer can be controlled simply by adjusting the reaction conditions.

    Conformation of branched polymers

    The results of a series of model reactions suggested that changing the ratio of the superacid to monomer in the reaction could provide control over the DB of the resultant polymer Fig. In between, at ratios corresponding to 2—6 equivalents of acid, the DB varied linearly between the two extremes.

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