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This system is able to accomodate the criterion input as the consumer want, alternative of candidate couple, and finally can give the visual appearance in the form of best solution gathering from some given alternatives using the Nilai Total integral sort method. This system has been implemented in two elections of Regional Leader, and from the test can be concluded that the result of the sort is not always the same.

It depends on the optimism storey level a that used in the system. Keywords — fuzzy, fmadm, e lection of r egional l eader.

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    Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. All Rights Reserved. Log In. Paper Titles. Article Preview. Abstract: The TOPSIS method is developed for solving the problem of fuzzy multiple attribute decision making, in which the attribute values take the form of triangular fuzzy numbers. Add to Cart. Advanced Materials Research Volumes Main Theme:. Advances in Chemical, Material and Metallurgical Engineering.