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London: George G. Wood, J. It was illustrated by Lieut. Other books where Colditz is at least mentioned [ edit ] Barry, Rupert. The Spectator , 7 April , pp.

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Gleeson, Janet. New York: Warner Books, Graham, Burton. Escape from the Nazis. Secaucus, New Jersey: Castle Books, Langer, Herbert. The Thirty Years' War. Translated by C. New York: Dorset Press, , Marshall Cavendish Corporation. Escape from the Swastika.

Stalag Luft III and The Great Escape

London: Marshall Cavendish Books, McAvoy, George E. Littleton, New Hamspire, Crawford Press, A variety of tour options are offered, including guided tours of the sumptuous interior taking in the Throne Room, the Singers' Hall Accommodation: Where to Stay near Neuschwanstein Castle. In the heart of the historic Port of Hamburg, the magnificent Miniatur Wunderland , the world's largest model railway, is an attraction that appeals equally to young and old alike.

Boasting more than 12, meters of track, this massive scale model includes sections dedicated to the USA, England, and Scandinavia as well as Hamburg and incorporates trains, more than , lights, and in excess of , human figures. It's not unheard of for guests to spend many hours exploring this fascinating world with its remarkably detailed miniature airports and planes that actually take off , crowded cities, quaint rural scenes, and bustling harbors.

For a memorable experience, book one of the behind-the-scenes tours, an especially fun thing to do at night. Speaking of harbors, be sure to explore the vast Port of Hamburg while you're there. Covering square kilometers, this huge tidal harbor - one of the world's largest cruise ship terminals, and known as the Gateway to Germany - is best explored by boat.

Tour Introduction

Afterwards, visit the harborside promenade , a lovely pedestrian route, and the Warehouse District with its continuous lines of tall brick-built warehouses. Accommodation: Where to Stay in Hamburg. The Rhine is not only Europe's most important waterway, its also the most beautiful. With a total length of 1, kilometers, this magnificent river stretches from Switzerland through Germany all the way to the Netherlands. Here, this often dramatic kilometer stretch of river boasts more than 40 castles and some 60 picturesque medieval towns all just waiting to be explored either by river cruise or by car.

Looking for a great place to begin your Rhine Valley adventure? The historic town of Bingen , where the river cuts through a deep gorge before entering the Bacharach valley, is a good place to start. Accommodation: Where to Stay in Mainz. Berlin's world-famous Museumsinsel, or Museum Island, lies between the River Spree and the Kupfergraben - a meter-long canal off the river - and includes many of the city's oldest and most important museums.

The heart of this pedestrian-friendly district is the Old Museum , constructed in as a place to exhibit the royal treasures. Soon after, the land behind the museum was set aside for art and the "knowledge of antiquity. Between the New Museum took shape, and the National Gallery was added in , along with the Bode Museum , built in and home to collections of antiquities.

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Another highlight of a walking tour of these spectacular points of interest is the Pergamon with its recreated historic buildings from the Middle East. But be warned: there's so much to see among these amazing museums that you can't possibly cram it all into a single day. Located in the valley of the Regnitz, where the river divides into two arms, Bamberg, the old imperial city and the most important town in Upper Franconia, is one of the best preserved of Germany's many charming old towns and one of the best to explore on foot.

Your walking tour should begin in its old episcopal quarter, home to the 13th-century cathedral and the old Benedictine abbey of Michaelsberg. Accommodation: Where to Stay in Bamberg. Part of the Wetterstein mountain range, the Zugspitze massif straddles the frontier between Germany and Austria and is surrounded by steep valleys. The eastern summit, at 2, meters, is crowned by a gilded cross and can be reached by the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn , a cog railway, or by cable car.

Another great way to enjoy this area of outstanding natural beauty is aboard the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn , a railway that runs to the Zugspitzkamm station at 2, meters.

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From here, the journey can be continued via a cable car to Zugspitz-Westgipfel Station at 2, meters be sure to sample a meal at the excellent panoramic restaurant located here. A highlight of the journey is the chance to walk through an meter-long tunnel, complete with viewing windows, to the Schneefernerhaus station at the top of the Bavarian cog railroad, from where you can ascend the eastern summit with its viewing platforms. And, thanks to the many ski resorts located nearby, Zugspitze is a wonderful German destination to visit in winter.

Accommodation: Where to Stay near Zugspitze. The island's beauty stems from its diversity of landscape, including everything from flat farmland and forest-covered hills to expansive sandy beaches, lagoons, and lovely peninsulas. After walking the ramparts, refuel at the Marksburg Schenke restaurant which has panoramic views over the valley.

The Famous WWII POW Camp

Save to Wishlist. Whether you want to see a picture-perfect 19th-century romantic palace or explore some of the best-preserved mountain fortresses in the world, Germany is the perfect place to visit. Neuschwanstein Castle Building. The ultimate Disney-like castle is just an hour and 40 minutes from Munich. Over 1. Make sure to buy the entrance ticket before tackling the mountain walk up to the castle, or complete the Cinderella experience by taking a horse-drawn carriage right to the front door.

3. The Black Forest

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